October 2009   

Watch Carson speed painting of "Jesus"            

Watch Carson speed painting of Jay-Z

RESiNMAG.COM: Where were you Born?

CARSON GRIER: I was born in Norco California June 21, 1977. A small town that’s for sure!


RESiNMAG.COM: Where do you reside?

CARSON GRiER: San Clemente California


RESiNMAG.COM: How old were you when you realized you had artistic talent?

CARSON GRiER: I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. My mom was always doing arts and crafts and put me in front of art supplies rather than the TV. My mom would frame a lot of the little paintings I would create of my favorite sports athletes (especially Michael Jordan) and enter them in local art contests at fairs and what not and I would actually win. She still has a lot of the paintings I use to do as a little kid. I would still be creating art weather I was getting paid or not, it’s something I truly love to do all the time.


RESiNMAG.COM: What was your first completed piece of?

CARSON GRiER: I would say my first serious completed pieces of art would be back in 2001. I decided to create a series of (6) 3’ x 4’ x 1 ½” inspired by Andy Warhol of “Punk Stars” (Richard Hell, Johnny Rotten, Joey Ramone, Darby Crash, Iggy Pop, Nick Blinko) which is when actaully wanted to possibly show the work in Galleries. Once people heard/saw the pieces I created I got amazing response and that was when I decided to actually persue a career as an artist.


RESiNMAG.COM: Is that when you new that is what you wanted to do with your life?

CARSON GRiER: At that time I was a professional snowboarder but I was going through a lot of injuries and knew that I couldn’t snowboard forever. Painting has always been a hobby or just something I loved to do but once I created my first series of work and people really liked it, I decided to go for it a 100%. 6. How would you describe your own work in a sentence? Andy Warhol revolutionized.


RESiNMAG.COM: What style of painting are you ? More than one which is your favorite?

CARSON GRiER: Pop Art.  


RESiNMAG.COM: Who are some of your favorite artists?

CARSON GRiER: Andy Warhol of course!  


RESiNMAG.COM: What kind of schooling have you had?

CARSON GRiER: I don’t have any schooling at all for art. I think being creative is something you have or you don’t! When you love doing something and do it every day you will become good at it.


RESiNMAG.COM: What or who inspires you to paint and what you paint?

CARSON GRiER: Musicians from past to present, movies, basically anything to do with pop Culture and what is popular at the moment. Pop Culture is every where and a part of everyones life. Sometimes I just see photos that really capture my eye and want to create an image of it in my style of work. Also, I get commissioned by clients a lot, clients can get any image they want done.


RESiNMAG.COM: Were would you like to be in 5 yrs?

CARSON GRiER: That’s a tough one… I just want to keep up the pace I am on and building my clientel all over the  U.S.. Create more work for celebrities and pro athletes. Also get my work over seas…


RESiNMAG.COM: How do you want your art to be seen or described by other people?

CARSON GRiER: Unique high end style of pop Art, fun, powerful, and art worth collecting. 


RESiNMAG.COM: Do you have any advice or wise words for up and coming artists?

CARSON GRiER: Being a professional artist is definitely not easy for a lot of people. Find your style of work you love to do and make it unique so you stand out above the rest of the artists that create work in your similar style. If you can bring a unique and marketable style of work to the table, galleries will want to work with you because you will be marketable. That’s the toughest thing about being an artist, what makes you different or better than the others… 


RESiNMAG.COM: What is the most expensive piece you ever sold?

CARSON GRiER: I have sold a lot of art in my career, basically every painting I have ever done which is close to about 500 pieces now. I don’t even own any of my own work haha! If I have to say one, it would be a guitar I was asked to paint for the Fender Guitar custom shop for Steve Miller Band. I created the Steve Miller log using the lyrics from the greatest hits, the image is created with no lines, the words form and create the image and it’s hand written. Steve Miller had a private concert/event at the Fender Guitar Museum and the guitar I created was auctioned off for charity (“Kids Rock for Free”) and the guitar sold for $180,000.00’s! I set a new record for highest artist guitar ever sold at the Museum. The guitar is on display at the Fender Center/Museum in Corona CA. 


RESiNMAG.COM: What are you working on right now?

CARSON GRiER: I have a lot of things going on right now, Things have been getting pretty crazy with my career lately. I’m doing collaborations with C1rca footwear and Adrian Lopez and a painting for Kanye West using 700 carats of REAL CRUSHED DIAMONDS on grinded metal. 


RESiNMAG.COM: Anything you would like to plug?

CARSON GRiER: I would like to thank all my clients and collectors over the years. Raul, Dennet, and Adrian over at C1rca. Dave Donaldson at Beachfire for being the first person to get me to show my work back in the day. And of course my family for sticking with me during my career of becoming a professional artist.


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